Pasticceria Bosca

Pasticceria Bosca - Packaging

Piedmont premium pastry

Bosca is a premium patisserie from Piedmont. It was founded in 1977 at Canelli and since the beginning it has always been using only local products and selected suppliers, as Mulino Marino, a stone mill flour producer made famous by Eataly. A family of pastry chefs who has made its way, renovating and influencing the tradition with experiments and specialties. Their daughter, Elena, has followed her family career with great achievements: in her late twenties owns a successful cake design studio (Dear Wendy) in the centre of Turin, wrote a book (La ragazza delle torte) and co-anchored a TV programme on Real Time (My Cake Design).

Total Restyling

In 2012 Andrea, the older son, starts the rebranding of the family business to make it relevant as it should be. Among the projects there is also the idea to launch an e-commerce. The work of restyling lasted one year. First the logo, then the packaging and the website.

Pasticceria Bosca - Packaging Cerea
Pasticceria Bosca - Packaging Croccante

New identity and the packaging

The new image of Bosca Pastry shop is a modern-classic. The color palette is a timeless classic for this segment, with variabile combination and volumes depending on the application. The dark chocolate color stands out in the elegant cube-shaped packs. The white is the main color for identity and communication, where the focus is on both message and products. The hot foil stamped gold gives a luxury feeling to the packs. The logo is a sinuous script lettering that evokes the manual skills of the craftmen on one side and the tradition of timeless classics on the other side.

Pasticceria Bosca - Logo
Pasticceria Bosca - Web Design

Web design

The website tells the story of a family who has devoted its life to the passion for pastry making. Sergio Bosca, the master pastry chef, is the testimonial of his own work. Specialties are represented one by one with their respective sheets and the pictures of Diego Beltramo. The website follows all the new web design standards: fast downloading, mobile friendly and an awesome user experience.