Vintage poster

Vintage Poster

Vintage poster

Selection of vintage posters of gigs, events and exhibitions made by Michele Tenaglia. The posters are mainly for Swing and Lindy Hop events.

Zenaswingers - Vintage Style


Vintage graphic design: selection of posters designed for Zenaswingers, swing dance and swing music events organizers.


Torino Swing Festival

Drogheria Buonconsiglio

Drogheria Buonconsiglio

Logo, identity, communication and web design of Drogheria Buonconsiglio, a winehouse with kitchen for foodies and craft beers and natural wines lovers.

Tiger Spot Mag - Grafica magazine

Tiger Spot Mag

Tiger Spot is a sharing place with bar, events and courses. Tiger Spot Mag is the events magazine of Tiger Spot, a pilot project of danish brand Tiger.

Kai Hoffmann

Kai Hoffman

Art direction and graphic design of singer Kai Hoffman’s albums “Do It While You Can” and “Luckiest Girl Alive”.



Identity, communication and web design of Zenacamp, a swing music and dance festival run by Zenaswingers.

California Balboa Classic

California Balboa Classic

Graphic design and illustrations inspired by Art Deco for California Balboa Classic, a Balboa festival run yearly in Pasadena, California.

Caffè Vergnano

Old projects

Works kept in the fridge, experiments and old projects.