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Ferretti Group

Ferretti is a company leader in luxury boat segment that gathers eight prestigious brands. The offer of Ferretti Group include the glamorous Riva motor boats, various brands of luxury yachts and the custom projects of the majestic over-70-meters ships of CRN.
After a study on strategic positioning made by Leo Burnett it has been made a rationalization of the graphic design to give a family feeling to all the brands under Ferretti group without losing the strong personality of each one.

Style Guide

Once the insights of Ferretti Yachts, Ferretti Custom Line, Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi Craft, Bertram and CRN have been defined, the work moved on the customization and the research of both graphic and stylistic elements to highlight in a subtle but clear way the belonging to Ferretti Group. The identity materials, like stationery and ad pages templates, have been redesigned by identifying colors, materials and shapes that together represent the brand guidelines of each company.

Ferretti - Riva - Logo
Ferretti - Custom Line - Logo
Ferretti Yachts - Logo
Ferretti - Pershing - Logo
Ferretti - Itama - Logo
Ferretti - Mochi Craft - Logo
Format dealer - Riva Yacht
Format dealer - Itama Yacht
Format dealer - Mochi Craft Yacht
Format dealer - Ferretti Yacht
Format dealer - Ferretti Custom Line Yacht
Format dealer - Pershing Yacht
Ferretti - Pershing - Stationery
Ferretti Group Stationery